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Innovation Technologies

your satellite engine
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All connectivity in your hands

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Small, light and robust

Indispensable for carrying in a backpack or installed on the roof of a vehicle, without losing strength and dynamism


Pointing accuracy in all weather and environmental conditions

Extremely versatile

It can be installed on uneven ground or with slopes up to 20°, for civil or military installations

APP control

APP automatic and fast installation and pointing via APP

Innovation Technologies

Innovation Technologies Srl is a NewCo created to create high-tech products specifically in the satellite field, essential for modern society. This is how the YOUDO bidirectional motor and a couple of related systems were born.

From the collaboration with ESA (European Space Agency) the idea of creating an engine for satellite systems with two axes (H/V adjustment) that has costs accessible to all was born; that can be installed by all types of users, experts and non-experts; that it is simple and quick to install; that is immediate to use.

Pointing accuracy

Designed with a very high mechanical engineering

The YOUDO engine has been designed with a very high mechanical engineering. The choice of materials such as Zamak, brass and steel offer characteristics of excellence and precision. By deliberately avoiding plastic materials, it guarantees respect for the environment.
Designed to be installed on the home satellite system, YOUDO, it is very compact with dimensions of 15x26cm and weight of 7kg. The mechanical precision and the direct interface to the modem also make it extremely reliable.

The accuracy of automatic pointing ensuring precise and easy installation. No problems sending noise to the satellite. This is one of the major advantages for Service Providers. To avoid any type of user error, the commands for using YOUDO are reduced to just two commands: Autopointing & Stow position.

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